Erasmus + - Cultural Exchange in Portugal, DAY 1


Today we were welcomed at the Agrupamento de escolas di Pardilho' in the morning. First, the kindergarden children sang and danced for us. Then, we had a guided tour where the Portuguese students showed us around the school buildings.  During the coffee break, we could hang out with the other students. After that, we listened to the traditional songs that Pardilho's ethnical group performed for us, by playing on the typical instruments of the region. We joined the group and danced with them until we got to know who we were matched with by the Portuguese teacher.  In a restaurant we ate a traditional plate called "phaesant's pasta" and a sweet rice dish for dessert. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the Cardum Museum in Murtosa where we were told and shown how they used to can fish and fried eels in the canning factory from 1942 onwards. In the conference room, each countries group of students had to carry out its presentation of "Human activities related to salt". We learnt about the similarities of salt-production in all the five countries, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Slovenia. After having an ice-cream, the bus took us to the secondary school. The parents of our "matches" and some teachers prepared lots of traditional dishes. We ate the delicious food and socialized with the other students, talked and played football together. Then, they took us to the apartment where we enjoyed the rest of the evening together. (Martin Kekič)

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