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Alcuni alunni e alunne delle VIII e IX classi che hanno partecipato alle gare di inglese si sono recati il 24 febbraio a vedere la rappresentazione intitolata "Oliver Twist" alla Casa della cultura a Isola. Come ogni anno, il gruppo di cinque attori ha fatto divertire una platea piena di alunni provenienti da diverse scuole del Litorale.

Una nostra alunna è stata intervistata in inglese.

Interviewer: Hello, Sara! I would like to have some feedback from you on the show that you have seen. Tell me what you liked about the show.
Sara: I liked it. The best thing was how they were able to impersonate so many characters and how one actor could change so many roles. I was a little surprised by the fact that there were so many deaths in the story, since I had already read a part of the story and it seemed very peaceful to me.
Interviewer: What was the play about?
Sara: The play showed us the life of Oliver Twist, in particular his childhood.
Interviewer: Who was your favourite character?
Sara: My favourite character was Nancy, because after she had understood that by taking Oliver back to Fagin she did a bad thing, she changed her mind and helped him to escape again. Unfortunately, she was discovered and killed by Bill.
Interviewer: How did the actors interact with the audience?
Sara: They asked questions during the play, as the name of the main character, etc.
Interviewer: Did you understand their language?
Sara: I understood pretty well their English, it was just spoken slightly too fast, at some spots. The things that made me understand better what was happening on stage were the tone of the voice and the expressive movements of the actors, as well as their costumes, and the stage arrangement of the props.
Interviewer: Would you like to see another show by this company next year?
Sara: Yes of course, the show was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot.
Interviewer: Thanks, Sara, for sharing your opinion with us. 

Oliver Twist a teatro

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